Developing CaosDB

CaosDB is an Open-Source project, so anyone may modify the source as they like. These pages aim to provide some help for all CaosDB developers.

More generally, these are the most common ways to contribute to CaosDB:

  • You found a bug, have a question, or want to request a feature? Please create an issue.

  • You want to contribute code? Please fork the repository and create a merge request in GitLab and choose this repository as target. Make sure to select “Allow commits from members who can merge the target branch” under Contribution when creating the merge request. This allows our team to work with you on your request.

  • If you have a suggestion for this documentation, the preferred way is also a merge request as describe above (the documentation resides in src/doc). However, you can also create an issue for it.

  • You can also contact the developers at info (AT)