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How do I declare a LIST property?

Use the datatype parameter (available with Property constructors and with the add_property method and the LIST function.

# with constructor
p = caosdb.Property(name="ListOfDoubles", datatype=caosdb.LIST(caosdb.DOUBLE))

# with add_property method
my_entity.add_property(name="ListOfIntegers", datatype=caosdb.LIST(caosdb.INTEGER))
my_entity.add_property(name="ListOfThings", datatype=caosdb.LIST("Thing"))
my_entity.add_property(name="ListOfThings", datatype=caosdb.LIST(caosdb.RecordType('Thing'))

Which data types are there?

There are 7 basic data types:




  • TEXT


  • FILE


There is (so far) 1 data type for collections:

  • LIST (Actually, LIST-of-another-data-type, e.g. LIST(INTEGER))

And furthermore,…

  • Any RecordType can be used as a REFERENCE data type with a limited scope. That is, a property

    p = caosdb.Property(name="Conductor", datatype="Person")

    will only accept those Entities as value which have a “Person” RecordType as a direct or indirect parent.

See also: Datatype.