Make sure that Python (at least version 3.8) and pip is installed, using your system tools and documentation.

Then open a terminal and continue in the Generic installation section.


If a Python distribution is not yet installed, we recommend Anaconda Python, which you can download for free from The “Anaconda Individual Edition” provides most of all packages you will ever need out of the box. If you prefer, you may also install the leaner “Miniconda” installer, which allows you to install packages as you need them.

After installation, open an Anaconda prompt from the Windows menu and continue in the Generic installation section.


If there is no Python 3 installed yet, there are two main ways to obtain it: Either get the binary package from or, for advanced users, install via Homebrew. After installation from, it is recommended to also update the TLS certificates for Python (this requires administrator rights for your user):

# Replace this with your Python version number:
cd /Applications/Python\ 3.9/

# This needs administrator rights:
sudo ./Install\ Certificates.command

After these steps, you may continue with the Generic installation.

Generic installation

The CaosDB crawler is available as PyPi package and can simply installed by

pip3 install caoscrawler

Alternatively, obtain the sources from GitLab and install from there (git must be installed for this option):

git clone
cd caosdb-crawler
pip3 install --user .