linkahead.utils.create_revision module

provides utilities for creating revisions of database entries.

linkahead.utils.create_revision.bend_references(from_id, to_id, except_for=None)

redirects all references to a new target.

All entities having a reference pointing to from_id are found and those references are changed to point to to_id. entities having an id listed in except_for are excluded.

  • from_id (int) – the old object to which references where pointing

  • to_id (int) – the new object to which references will be pointing

  • except_for (list of int) – entities with id of this list will not be changed

linkahead.utils.create_revision.create_revision(old_id, prop, value)

creates a revision of an existing record.

This function changes the record with id old_id. The value of the propertye prop is changed to value.

  • old_id (int) – id of the record to be changed

  • prop (string) – name of the property to be changed

  • value (type of corresponding property) – the new value of the corresponding property