linkahead.connection.mockup module

Classes and functions to immitate a LinkAhead server without actually setting up a tcp connection.

class linkahead.connection.mockup.MockUpResponse(status, headers, body)

Bases: CaosDBHTTPResponse

A class for the responses of a request to the MockUpServerConnection.



Close this response. Depending on the implementation this might also close underlying streams, sockets etc.

getheader(name, default=None)

Get the contents of the header name, or default if there is no matching header.


Return all headers.


Return the body of the response.

property status

Return the status of the response.

class linkahead.connection.mockup.MockUpServerConnection

Bases: CaosDBServerConnection

The mock-up connection which does not actually connect to anything but just returns predefined responses which mimic the LinkAhead server.


This configure method does nothing.

request(method, path, headers=None, body=None, **kwargs)

Search a resource in the resources list which is answering to the request and return the response or raise a RuntimeError.