linkahead.cached module

This module provides some cached versions of functions that retrieve Entities from a remote server.

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class linkahead.cached.AccessType(value)

Bases: Enum

Different access types for cached queries. Needed for filling the cache manually with cache_fill() .

EID = 3
NAME = 4
PATH = 2
linkahead.cached.cache_clear() None

Empty the cache that is used by cached_query and cached_get_entity_by.

linkahead.cached.cache_fill(items: dict[str | int, Any], kind: AccessType = AccessType.EID, unique: bool = True) None

Add entries to the cache manually.

This allows to fill the cache without actually submitting queries. Note that this does not overwrite existing entries with the same keys.


Return info about the cache that is used by cached_query and cached_get_entity_by.


out – See the standard library functools.lru_cache() for details.

Return type:

named tuple

linkahead.cached.cache_initialize(maxsize: int = 33333) None

Create a new cache with the given size for cached_query and cached_get_entity_by.

This implies a call of cache_clear(), the old cache is emptied.

linkahead.cached.cached_get_entity_by(eid: str | int | None = None, name: str | None = None, path: str | None = None, query: str | None = None) Entity | tuple[None]

Return a single entity that is identified uniquely by one argument.

You must supply exactly one argument.

If a query phrase is given, the result must be unique. If this is not what you need, use cached_query() instead.

linkahead.cached.cached_query(query_string: str) Container

A cached version of linkahead.execute_query.

All additional arguments are at their default values.