The sources for functions and classes are in src/. Private functions (mostly C++ source files which are to be compiled into *.mex) are implemented in private/maox_some_function.*. (maox stands for “mex file for CaosDB”.

Writing Documentation

  • The first string after the copyright block is used for documentation. This implies that the copyright block must be recognized as such: A copyright line should be the first line there.

  • Documentation should be written as TexInfo (see below for details) in order to be available in the online documentation.

  • Extract documentation from file: [txt, form] = get_help_text_from_file(make_absolute_filename('pkg/inst/some_function.m'))

  • Generate HTML documentation from single file:

    pkg uninstall caosdb
    pkg install caosdb.tar.gz
    pkg load caosdb
    html_help_text('some_function', './htdocs/some.html', 'octave-forge', pkgname="caosdb")
  • Generate HTML documentation for a package:

    generate_package_html('caosdb', 'htdocs', 'octave-forge')


  • For tests, we use MOxUnit, which can be installed like this:

    wget --output-document
    cd MOxUnit-master
    make install
    cd ..
  • We use a dedicated Octave package for documentation generation: generate_html. This package can be installed as follows:

    pkg install ""

TexInfo details

Here is an Example for texinfo documentation:..

Useful TexInfo commands:

  • @deftypefn ::

    Define a function that can be called. Example code:.. @deftypefn{Function File} {@var{out} =} caosdb_exec (@var{arg})


Debugging the C++ parts

For debugging, valgrind, gdb or other debugging tools may be used. For example when segfaults occur while calling Octave (or quitting Octave), they may be investigated like this:

valgrind --trace-children=yes octave test/segfault_dummy.m

The script file test/segfault_dummy.m reproduces the segfault in this example. The output indicates code which tries to perform illegal memory access.

Useful options for valgrind include:

--exit-on-first-error=yes --error-exitcode=200

Fail-fast if there are errors.