You should have received access to the Debian package (linkahead-<version>.deb) via your subscription or as a test version.

On a Debian compatible machine install the package with: sudo dpkg -i <name-of-the-deb-package>.deb

This does not yet install the dependencies. Thus if some dependencies are missing and the command does not finish successfully, run: sudo apt install --fix-broken.

The package will automatically install, enable and start LinkAhead as a systemd service. This implies that LinkAhead will be started automatically on reboot in future. Typically, the required docker image needs to be downloaded first, if it does not yet exist on the system. This may take a while. You can monitor the progress of the download and the subsequent start with:

You can test whether the installation was successful using:

journalctl -u linkahead -f

Once the log output says Starting org.caosdb.server.CaosDBServer application the installation is done and LinkAhead is running with default configuration. You can check whether the LinkAhead server can be accessed by sending a request curl on the same machine:

curl -k https://localhost:10443
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="https://localhost:10443/webinterface/1614339482/webcaosdb.xsl" ?>
> <Response srid="11883904-301d-4bd9-8f74-86d95837239b" timestamp="1614339817505" baseuri="https://localhost:10443">
>   <UserInfo>
>     <Roles>
>       <Role>anonymous</Role>
>     </Roles>
>   </UserInfo>
> </Response>

If the command shows an empty reply as above, the installation was successful and you can continue with the configuration.


Requirements are installed automatically. You can list them via apt-cache depends linkahead


docker-compose is not recent enough

You can install an up-to-date version with:

pip3 install --user docker-compose`

Unable to fetch some archives

If apt finishes with this error, run apt update and try the installation again.