LinkAhead Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of LinkAhead, formerly CaosDB, the free & open source data management system.

Documentation by Topic

You may want to visit the documentation pages for:

Query Language:

Details about the LinkAhead query language.

Tutorials for the Web Interface:

On finding and editing data using the web interface.

Tutorials for the Python library:

First steps with scripting LinkAhead.

Customization of the Web Interface:

On query short-cuts, custom forms, and more.

Server-Side Scripting:

On installing and running server-side scripts.

Also, have a look at the interactive tour on the demo server.

Documentation by Subproject

For in-depth documentation for users, administrators and developers, you may want to visit the subproject-specific documentation pages for:


The Java part of the LinkAhead server.

MySQL backend:

The MySQl/MariaDB components of the LinkAhead server.


The default web frontend for the LinkAhead server.


The LinkAhead Python library.

Advanced user tools:

The advanced Python tools for LinkAhead.

LinkAhead Crawler:

The crawler is the main tool for automatic data integration in LinkAhead.


The LinkAhead C++ library.


The LinkAhead Julia library.


The LinkAhead Octave library.

LinkAhead Protobuf API:

The specification of LinkAhead’s protobuf API.


Your all inclusive LinkAhead software package.